Digging into the premier league race

As the race for Premier League title keeps getting hotter, Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp are both optimistic of winning their remaining games to secure the title lead. This affirmation comes after the two teams recorded victories on Sunday.

Manchester City defeated Crystal Palace by three goals to 1 to reclaim top position and Liverpool also secured a win against Chelsea 2-0.

Guardiola, in his statement, said ‘’if we drop two points or one, we may not be champions’’.

On his part, the Liverpool boss added ‘’we expect that they will win all their games’’.

‘’All we need is to get as many points we can get, and if we become champions, that will be good, but if we didn’t, we are still fine’’.

Manchester City has Liverpool to contend with, and if they scale through to win their five remaining matches, they will retain their position. Though, they have a stricter outing ahead against Manchester United and Tottenham.

The Reds boss who has not yet won a trophy with his boys told news reporters ‘’The question we asked in the team meeting was the score from Man City. I knew it is 1-0, but the boys claimed they had no idea’’.

‘’The truth is that we are human beings with one eye and one ear. It does not influence us. If they were defeated today and went into the game with this type of attitude, then it doesn’t help’’.

The German coach also stated ‘’fantastic team, what a stadium, what an atmosphere. I’m excited to be a part of this great thing. It’s outstanding, and I feel overwhelmed’’.

Initially, the reds were bowing to the intimidations and threats from Chelsea side for a more prolonged moment until Man broke even just after the break, and then Egypt forward consolidate with a second goal from a 25-yard corner.

When asked if winning their remaining four games can secure them the title, Salah answered thus: ‘’For me, I would say yes. But we need to concentrate on our game, and we expect that Man City would lose some points’’.

Premier League is now witnessing a severe change in the regular title holders. This is the second occurrence in this season, after the Second World War.

Manchester dominated Crystal Palace throughout the competition at Selhurst Park, with two goals from Raheem which ushered them into a lead. Luka’s free-kick, just ten minutes to the end, caused a little nerve for the visitors until Gabriel Jesus brought victory with a smashing strike in the 90th minute.

Coach Pep Guardiola also said: ‘’We have played with fantastic figures in the past two or three months; and for the last month, we have known that if we lose some points, it may be impossible to win the title.

‘’Certainly, we or Liverpool may drop points the time you least expect, and as you know, football cannot be predictable in that guise.

‘’Nevertheless, we are not complaining. We have already earned one hundred and eighty -three points in two seasons and still have five games remaining. Those are fantastic figures which talk about who we really are’’.